Former Inter striker Jurgen Klinsmann has said that the Inter squad is good enough for Serie A and the Champions League once the rhythm has been discovered, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Jurgen Klinsmann discussed the current state of the Inter squad and their dip in form that has left many fans alarmed.

He stressed that he thinks once the rhythm of the team has been recovered, the squad is good enough to compete both in Serie A and in the Champions League.

“I follow Serie A every week, I have Italian friends in Los Angeles. Inter are my favourite team, but they had a difficult start to the season. But it’s nothing serious, maybe it’s time to reflect on how things are going.

“But Inter’s squad is good for the league and the Champions League, once we get back into the rhythm there will be positive results and we will move up in the standings.”

It seems that there will be a very tight Scudetto race in Italy this season with Napoli and Atalanta currently at the top and Juventus, AC Milan, Inter and AS Roma all hoping to be in the frame towards the end of the season.

Jurgen Klinsmann stressed that it is great to see a proper fight and it is what the fans are hoping to see all season long.

“This is good for everyone, players, fans and clubs. This is what we want to see. I watch the matches on television every weekend and make comparisons with the Bundesliga and Premier League. The English league is one step ahead because of its enormous economic potential.

“But after that there are the other four leagues in France, Italy, Spain and Germany that are fighting to get closer. That’s why it’s nice to compare these leagues from the US, I enjoy it. And sooner or later I would like to return to coaching.”

He also talked about the importance of Romelu Lukaku’s return to fitness: “He has to reintegrate into the group, but the most beautiful thing for a coach is how a player changes over a period of time and how the internal face of a team changes.

“Lukaku has been gone a year and the face of Inter has changed, the energy of a group changes constantly in any job. Lukaku is not the same as he was two years ago, Lautaro Martinez has also grown and now there is a good fight within this group.

“Things have changed, it will be interesting for us Inter fans to see how Simone Inzaghi, who is a very good coach, will handle this new environment.

“At Inter there are 25 good players, but also a staff of 50, including medical, administrative and communication staff. And as a coach you have to manage them beyond the team, and it’s a 24-hour job, you hardly ever sleep. Inter in the Scudetto? Yes, I could never say that Milan wins it.”