Inter legend Beppe Bergomi has said that there is a lack of identity and enthusiasm at Inter right now which has led to the poor form being shown, according to a report in the Italian print media today.

Speaking during an interview with Tuttosport, the former Inter defender discussed the reasons for the poor showings recently from the Nerazzurri squad.

He seemed to suggest that there is a mentality issue at the club right now rather than an issue around fitness or actual ability with the ball.

“Guys, it’s fine to be physically fit, but everyone must do something more. You have to rediscover the will to reject defeat and it has to be done through specific work. And then I would ask the fans for help.

“The Nerazzurri fans must rediscover the enthusiasm that they have had in the last three years, but in the last few weeks I feel that it is getting a little lost, you start to hear the grumbling of the past. Here, with all these components in the right place, Inter can come out on top.”

He then stressed that enthusiasm and identity are what is missing and he is asking himself why that could be the case. Inter have got 12 points from their first seven games in Serie A and have also been beaten by Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stage.

“I go back to the previous answer: it seems to me that identity and enthusiasm are lacking. If you don’t have them inside, everything becomes difficult.

“The desire to create a group, to fight on every ball, not to spread your arms, to be patient, to help the defensive line. I don’t see these things and I asked myself why this is happening.”

He then tried to give his own explanation for why there may have been a mentality shift in the team: “Maybe after three years they are tired of doing the same things, or they have lost a championship they felt was theirs and are struggling to restart.

“When I see certain attitudes in certain players I am worried. Because if you are a locker room leader, one of the most representative, and you make these gestures, then you understand that something is not working.

“I for one will never attack a Gagliardini. Then of course I also know that the absence of Lukaku is weighing heavily, that there is no longer a player like Perisic who gave unpredictability.

“Inter are among the last teams in Serie A in terms of dribbles attempted, they don’t have players who jump over the man, but these flaws, in part, they also had them in previous seasons, but they made up for it with agonistic nastiness, attention, the desire to go and get results.”

On the lost Scudetto: “It may be because the rivalry with AC Milan has become very acute and maybe they feel it inside, this defeat. Even back in the day when we saw that things were going well on the other side, we struggled a bit.

“At that point you either reacted, as happened with Sacchi’s AC Milan Scudetto in 1988 and our response the following season, or like today you risked being left in the lurch and getting depressed.”

Will Inzaghi change his game for Romelu Lukaku?: “I remember Inzaghi’s Lazio, it’s not that he did a super offensive pressing. Lazio would drop down and there was Immobile who gave the depth that Lukaku can now give.

“He’s not Dzeko, he’s not as adept at dialogue as he is, but you can lean on Lukaku. With Spezia, four went on the Belgian and spaces opened up for his teammates.”

Is Milan Skriniar being affected by the summer?: “I think so, because we often think with the heads of grown-ups, but we are talking about young guys. Inter have an ownership that is in trouble, I’m not saying that, and every year these boys are thrown around, so it’s normal that in Skriniar’s head there could be some confusion. But he’s strong, he’s a golden boy and I hope he’ll be back to his level soon.”