Inter vice president Javier Zanetti has said that Simone Inzaghi is not at risk and the problem of poor form belongs to everyone, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Javier Zanetti assessed the current situation that Inter find themselves in where they have only got 12 points from their first seven Serie A games.

He started by explaining that the problems belong to everyone and it must be an effort from everyone to get the form back on track.

“The problems are everyone’s, not just the coaches. The start of the season was not what we expected. But I always see an opportunity behind it. We all have to give something more, be more responsible. Nothing is compromised, it depends only on us.”

When asked if Inter have the strength to get themselves out of the situation, he was unequivocal about the fact that they do.

“Yes, because we have already shown it, in the recent past. It just needs to be found again. The team must be resilient. Do you remember the victory against Torino? It means that the values are there. And the group is united.”

Javier Zanetti was then pressed on whether the coach is at risk of losing his job due to the bad form but he made it clear that is not the case at this stage.

“No, he’s not at risk, it’s not right either. The problem is everyones. Now we need personality, to pull ourselves out of this situation.

“Facts are needed, but Inzaghi should not feel alone. I already experienced similar situations as a player, even during the Triplete year. It is in difficult moments that a team becomes strong.

“That team won the Champions League precisely because they were in danger of going out in the group, I am convinced of that. It was a sign: there is always a match, an episode that sparks a match.”

On the matches against Barcelona and AS Roma that are coming up: “These matches and these opponents come at the right time, they can make us take the leap forward.”

It is clear that Javier Zanetti takes a lot of the credit for the signing and success of Lautaro Martinez: “Here I’m not being modest, here I’m telling the truth. Much of the credit was mine, for Lautaro Martinez at Inter.

“Ausilio and I carried out the negotiation. I am delighted to have made such a contribution to the club: today he is an asset of Inter.

“The way I see him, the way he talks, the sense of belonging, he can be Inter’s reference point for many years.”

He then discussed Romelu Lukaku: “Romelu for Inter is fundamental. If we brought him back to Milan it is because we believe in his contribution on and off the pitch. He can be our leader and yes, we need him.”