Inter wingback Denzel Dumfries believes that he can be at his best physically when he returns to the Nerazzurri from international duty with the Netherlands.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of the Dutch team’s Nations League clash with Belgium, as reported by FCInterNews, the 26-year-old expressed confidence that he and his teammates will have what it takes to navigate the tough fixture list that is in store for them.

Inter are only a few weeks into the season, but they have already played a total of nine matches, whilst many members of the squad have also expended significant energy with their national teams during the current break.

Things only get busier for the team on the horizon, however, with a further buildup of fixtures between Serie A and the Champions League during October and November, and then the additional demands of the World Cup.

Dumfries said that “We know that this season it will be very difficult to get through everything. But everyone is prepared for it. It’s about listening carefully to your body.”

“I can compete,” he stressed. “There are many experts at the club who are keeping an eye on me. And then as a player you also have to monitor yourself carefully.”

“It’s a very busy fixture list and everyone wants to stay fit,” the Dutchman said. “Although I don’t think the emphasis is on the World Cup with the club. They keep track of matches because we want to win all our matches, and we need the players to stay fit in order to do that.”

“I’m just doing everything like normal,” Dumfries continued. “I’m used to European football. I have the same program as usual.”

“Now I’ll return to my club and I want to be in top form,” he said. “Everyone is mature enough to know that they have to preserve their physical condition.”