Inter President Alessandro Antonello feels that there is no time to waste for the Nerazzurri and AC Milan to build a new stadium that will be essential to keeping them competitive at the highest level.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, Antonello stressed moving along a swift timeline to start construction on the new stadium as the public debate regarding the club’s plans officially kicks off today.

Inter and Milan could be set to finally see one of the major bureaucratic hurdles cleared regarding their new stadium plans, as the public debate will start today, with an end scheduled for November,

If things go well for the clubs in the public debate, they could secure an important approval to actually begin construction, which would allow them to stick to a timeline that would ensure that the boost in infrastructure and revenues that the project would bring can be guaranteed.

Antonello stated that “The strength of and the key to the project is sustainability, environmentally, socially, and financially, for the two clubs.”

“It is essential for us to have a new stadium as soon as possible,” he emphasized, “so that we can have the resources to invest in the team and return to being competitive in Europe.”