Milan Mayor Beppe Sala feels that now that the public debate regarding Inter and AC Milan’s plans to construct a new stadium is finally set to begin, a final decision must arrive.

Speaking at the opening of the debate, as reported by FCInterNews, Sala stressed the need for a conclusive outcome to be reached by the debate so that the bureaucratic uncertainty can be resolved, and also stated that he does not wish to influence proceedings with his own views.

Inter and Milan will be hoping with the debate which begins today and is set to run until November, they can get the outcome they’ve been seeking for some time, which is to say approval to begin construction of the new stadium in due time.

For his part, Sala feels that whatever happens, this must be the debate that settles the matter once and for all rather than throwing up further delays.

“Now it’s time to finally make a decision,” the Mayor said. “I don’t have any expectations from the process, and I don’t want my opinions to affect it. So what I impose on myself from here on is to not open my mouth on the matter.”