Milan mayor Beppe Sala has said that Inter and AC Milan do not want to fix the existing San Siro and he made them respect the rules during the process, according to a report in the Italian media.

Speaking during a conference on the air quality of the city, via FCInternews, Beppe Sala explained that during the process that has led to the public debate that is now ongoing, he made the two clubs follow all of the necessary rules.

“I have to enforce the rules and with the teams I have done that. It took us two years to get the teams to respect the rules of the government plans.”

The first of the meetings in the public debate took place on Wednesday which marks some potentially serious progress towards Inter and AC Milan playing in a new stadium in the future.

Many fans have wondered why the existing iconic stadium cannot be renovated and Beppe Sala admitted that he wants that to happen as well. The issue is that the clubs do not want to as it is not economically viable.

“It is well known that I spent the whole first phase saying to put San Siro in place and they do not want to do it. However, the current project fully respects the volumes of the plans.”