AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has said that the stadium capacity is being reflected upon and has not been fully decided just yet, according to a report in the Italian media.

Speaking whilst at the BMW event being staged at the Milanello Sports Centre, via FCInternews, Paolo Scaroni shredded some light on the proposed capacity of the new stadium for which the public debate has now begun.

It is widely reported that the new stadium will have a capacity of 65,000 but Paolo Scaroni said that it has not been decided yet and they are still reflecting on that detail.

“It will be defined in detail only in the executive design phase that will follow the public debate. We have not decided anything yet, we are thinking about a capacity of between 60 and 70 thousand seats.”

He then made clear though that there will not be a thrid ring of seats to raise the capacity for a number of reasons that include the poor view of the pitch from that high up.

“What is a fixed point for us is that we want to make two rings and not three, for various reasons, in particular the fact that from the third ring you cannot see the matches well.

“We are in a phase of reasoning and we are encouraged in our choices by the fact that the stadium is fuller than usual this season.”

Another reason that has been reported is the cost for a third ring when compared to average attendance.