The father of Inter defender Federico Dimarco has said that the player made a lot of sacrifices when he was s growing up to become a footballer, according to a report in the Italian media.

Speaking during an interview with Il Giorno, Gianni Dimarco talked about the business that he and his brother run having been born in Milan. He explained how the principles of it have been passed onto his son who now plays regularly for Inter and Italy.

“Today it takes humility to maintain a business like this, the rest doesn’t count, it’s one of the principles I taught my son, if he has arrived to play at a high level it’s thanks to a willingness to work and a head on his shoulders.”

He then explained who it was in the family that passed on a love of football to Federico Dimarco by taking him to San Siro to see Inter play. That is how they became his favourite team.

“It was my brother-in-law who passed on the passion for football to Federico, when he was only three years old he took him to San Siro to see Inter, I have always and only supported him in his choices.

“And seeing him happy I realised it was the right path, I let you imagine what the call from his favourite team represented for him.”

He then threw in the detail that his son used to help him at work after school and that was one of the many sacrifices that he made to become a footballer.

“Did he help me? He used to come here in the afternoons after school, then when he joined the Inter youth academy he had less time. He made a lot of sacrifices and at a certain point he had to choose what was worth fighting for.”