Legendary former Inter President Massimo Moratti feels that at the moment it is necessary to wait and see what current Nerazzurri President Steven Zhang wants to do with the club.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Rai Radio, Moratti weighed in on the current ownership at the club, and also argued that if Suning are forced to sell, the problems could get even worse.

Over the past two years or so Suning have persistently been linked with a sale of Inter, though through all the rumours they have held onto control of the club, whilst Zhang has continued on in his role as President.

Moratti feels that at the moment it is important to wait and see what the current President will decide and what his plans are, rather than jumping to any hasty conclusions about the future.

“The players and the coach will never say that they’re affected by the situation at the club,” he said, “or maybe they’ll just say it to each other.”

“But it always affects them, we’re still talking about normal people after all.”

“Inter are still in a position to move forward,” Moratti said, “we need to see what Steven Zhang’s intentions are – I don’t know Inter’s accounts or the personal ones of the Zhang family.”

“No doubt that when they arrived at the club they were doing better,” he added.

Moratti noted that “A lot has changed, I don’t know what the solution could be.”

“We have to understand whether he intends to keep the club or if he will be forced to sell,” he noted, “in that case the situation will get even worse.”

Of the team’s current crisis in form, the former President said that “You have to win in order to recover.”

“The recipe is to show great pride and desire to play for this team who are well-known all over the world.”

“The players need to feel the weight, and also the strength, that comes with having to defend this shirt and this team,” he continued.

“We ‘re still at the beginning,” he noted. “Maybe by the middle of the season all of these problems will be solved.”

“Inter are in bad form but the gap to make up is still small,” he noted.