Italian journalist Riccardo Trevisani believes that Inter look like a team who are broken, despite hardly becoming weaker in the summer.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, Trevisani argued that the Nerazzurri should seriously consider sacking coach Simone Inzaghi as he has seen the team get worse even though they reinforced in the summer.

Inter’s expectations had been fairly high going into this season, with the key reason being that they had already enjoyed a very encouraging season last time around and then made targeted additions in the transfer market over the summer.

So far, these expectations have been anything but met, and this has led questions and doubts to emerge.

For Trevisani, it is the coach who must take the blame for this bad start by the team, as the problem is not the squad.

In the journalist’s view, things have been allowed to decline on the pitch despite no lack of quality within the team.

“A distinction must be made between the parties,” he said, “the Inter team has replaced players clearly aging out of the game such as Sanchez and Vidal with Mkhitaryan and Lukaku, Acerbi for Ranocchia, it can’t be said that the squad has gotten worse.”

“Apart from the loss of Perisic, very serious, but Inter did everything to keep him, it doesn’t seem as though the team has gotten worse.”

“If I have a coach in this situation where things are broken, I change the coach,” he continued.

Trevisani argued that When things are broken, they don’t fix themselves.”

“After fourteen months of Inzaghi, Inter are worse than they were a year ago,” he noted, “there’s no discussion, the pitch and the statistics both prove it.”