Juventus have had an appeal to have the awarding of the 2005-06 Serie A title to Inter revoked turned down.

This according to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, who report that the Bianconeri’s appeal has been thrown out of a TAR (Regional Court) of Lazio, who deemed their argument to be “inadmissible.”

The title for the 2005-06 season was awarded to Inter on the basis that Juventus, despite having collected the most points that season, were stripped of the Sucdetto after having been implicated in the infamous Calciopoli scandal.

However, the Bianconeri have made several attempts to have the decision reversed and the Nerazzurri stripped of the title in turn.

As SportMediaset highlight, these have included an appeal to the Federal Council in 2011 and a further appeal of that decision to the CONI Guarantor College of Sport in 2019, both of which were unsuccessful.

The Bianconeri’s latest appeal, this time to a Regional Court In Lazio, was announced in the club’s budget of July 2022.

However, the court has summarily rejected the appeal as of today, considering the arguments put forth as to why the Nerazzurri should be stripped of the title for that season to be “inadmissible.”

The Calciopoli scandal affected the awarding of the title for both the 2004-05 season, in which Juventus collected the most points but had their title revoked and no title awarded, and the 2005-06 campaign, in which the Nerazzurri were awarded the title in place of the Bianconeri.