Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann is happy for his Inter counterpart Simone Inzaghi’s achievements with the Nerazzurri.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of this evening’s Champions League meeting between the two sides, as reported by FCInter1908, Naglesmann gave his thoughts on Inzaghi and also made clear that he expects tomorrow’s match to be a difficult one for his side.

Nagelsmann has emerged as one of the very best German coaches of recent years, rewarded for his reputation with the position of head coach at Bundesliga champions Bayern.

Inzaghi has also enjoyed a path of development that has been in many ways parallel to that of Nagelsmann.

Like the Bayern coach, Inzaghi broke through as a senior coach quite young, taking over at Lazio in his late 30s, and now in his mid-40s is only continuing to grow in stature with the job that he has done with the Nerazzurri.

When the similarities as young coaches was pointed out to him, Nagelsmann said of Inzaghi said that “First of all, I’m happy for what he has achieved, he’s doing a great job.”

“I don’t know the Italian situation well,” he continued, “whether a coach like him is considered young or not.”

“I know that the approach in Italy is a little different, they rely more on experienced coaches.”

Of his Nerazzurri counterpart, Nagelsmann said that “I’m happy for him, he has a fantastic team who showed a lot in both phases of play, they’ve gotten out of this group which is a big accomplishment.”

“They’re a difficult team, as we saw in the reverse match,” he said of the Nerazzurri, “above all in midfield they have interesting ideas and it’s always difficult to defend against them.”

“They’re a good team to watch and doing well, so I’m happy for him,” Nagelsmann concluded about Inzaghi at Inter.