Several of the Curva Nord ultras who were responsible for forcing Inter fans to vacate the north stand of the San Siro during Saturday’s Serie A clash with Sampdoria have been identified by authorities.

This according to Italian news outlet, who report that the authorities have analyzed the CCTV footage from the match and identified a number of the individuals responsible, with stadium bans probable in response to the incident.

Authorities have been investigating the incident from the second half of Saturday’s Serie A match between Inter and Sampdoria at the San Siro.

Members of the Curva Nord ultras group took the spontaneous decision to vacate the north stand of the stadium as a tribute to prominent ultra Vittoria Boiocchi who had been shot earlier in the day.

However, the members of the ultras group not only left themselves but also forced a number of regular matchgoing fans to also leave using intimidation and violence in order to ensure that the stand was completely empty.

The task of the authorities investigating the incident has been to identify the individuals who acted in such a way as to force out other fans.

Several individuals responsible have already been identified based on the examination of CCTV footage from the stand during the match.

Those responsible will face various measures, likely including stadium bans.