Inter CEO Beppe Marotta feels that the injury to Romelu Lukaku is emblematic of the way that some injuries are being caused by the packed fixture list due to the World Cup.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, the CEO noted that the 29-year-old suffered a recurrence of a thigh problem and that this is not uncommon in modern football.

Lukaku had looked like he was fully ready to return from the thigh strain that had kept him out for two months.

However, a couple days ago it was found that the Belgian had in fact aggravated the problem during Saturday’s Serie A match against Sampdoria.

Marotta feels that, at this moment in time, the amount of stress put on players’ bodies can lead to incidents of this nature.

The Nerazzurri CEO gave his thoughts on Lukaku’s injury and connected it to the kinds of problems that all teams have to deal with in the current situation.

“He suffered an unexpected reinjury, these cases are happening at a lot of clubs,” he said of the Belgian’s injury.

“It’s an anomalous season, some players are focused on participating in the World Cup and there are evident difficulties with injury recovery,” he continued.

“This is part of the dynamic of football that we have now.”

“In my view the role of the national teams is different from what it was twenty years ago, the players make a lot of requests because of it,” he added.