Inter wingback Robin Gosens feels that Inter are in good form but have to stay united as a team.

Speaking to InterTV after the Nerazzurri’s 2-0 Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, the 28-year-old gave his thoughts on how the Nerazzurri are doing and also looked ahead to Sunday’s Serie A match against Bayern Munich.

Inter may have fallen to their first defeat in a month away to Bayern, but the confidence does not look to have drained out of the team by any means.

The Nerazzurri have shown just what they can do over the past several weeks, qualifying for the Champions League knockouts and winning four in a row in the league.

However, particularly after yesterday evening’s loss in Munich, Inter must make sure not to come unglued, and reassert themselves on the path they’ve been on.

This weekend’s Serie A clash away to Juventus will be a great opportunity to do exactly that, although it will not be a straightforward task by any means.

Of the Nerazzurri’s match against Bayern, Gosens said that “It was a good Inter display, especially in the first half, but unfortunately we didn’t score.”

“You aren’t going to get a thousand chances against Bayern, you have to take advantage of the two or three that you do get.”

He noted that “We conceded a goal from a corner, and then we conceded a second which was a worldie.”

“Today we played against very strong opposition,” Gosens added.

“We’ve seen an Inter who are in fine form, and capable of playing against teams like this,” the German said. “We have the right spirit and that’s always the basis for doing well.”

Gosens went on to say that “There’s no such thing as the perfect match, but we did many things very well.”

“We need to stay united because we have three more important matches to come before the World Cup and we need to take nine points.”

“We’re ready and we showed it tonight.”

Of Sunday’s Serie A match against Juventus, the German said that “It will be an exciting match against a great opponent, matches against them are never just any old match.”

“We’ll need a great performance, but we showed this evening that we’re ready for matches of that level, and we’re going to keep showing it.”