Legendary former AC Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi believes that Inter must take a proactive approach in Europe if they are to continue along their path so far.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, Sacchi argued that the Nerazzurri cannot expect to rely on counterattacking football in the Champions League knockout rounds.

Inter have managed to qualify for the Champions League round of sixteen from the “group of death” containing Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

At times the Nerazzurri had to dig in and suffer in their two matches against Barcelona, and this was enough for them to take four massive points.

However, Sacchi is skeptical that this approach will be enough to take Inter much further.

In the former Milan coach’s view, the Nerazzurri must have a mindset that is attacking and proactive if they are to put in performances against Europe’s elite.

“I was watching the Napoli match and I was very impressed by the attitude shown by Spalletti’s men, never on the ropes against a tough opponent like Liverpool, and then I changed the channel to see Inter play against Bayern,” Sacchi said.

“Maybe I tuned in at the wrong time, but it seemed like the Germans were completely dominating.”

“It’s true that the Nerazzurri were playing with a lot of second-choice players, but so were Bayern.”

“Here it’s a question of mentality,” Sacchi argued, “which has to be corrected, or else it will become a problem.”

“Inzaghi is a good coach, but he must give his own identity to the team and not rely only on the counterattack,” he continued.

The former coach noted that “Inter play tactical football, wait for the opponent to make an error to strike, but in Europe this places a limit on them. ”

“Moreover, with this approach, instead of focusing on the quality of the attacks built, you rely on the great players, who cost a lot and create budgetary difficulties,” he noted.