Football injury rehabilitation specialist Marco Cesarini expects that Inter striker Romelu Lukaku should be out for another two or three weeks with injury.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, Cesarini explained that the 29-year-old’s current injury is one that can take a significant period of time to recover from without risking reinjury.

Lukaku will want to be back on the pitch as soon as he can, between important matches for Inter and the start of the World Cup with Belgium.

However, the problem has always been related to the possibility that, if the 29-year-old is to be rushed back, he could aggravate an injury and cause more significant damage.

The specific nature of the injury is key in determining when the striker will be able to return to the pitch.

As Cesarini explained, the particular type of injury that Lukaku is recovering from presents unique potential difficulties.

The rehabilitation specialist explained that this is “Because that area of the body has tendons that are not very innervated.”

“Generally with this injury, a player can feel okay after a short time, and then they push to return, which can sometimes lead to a relapse.”

“It takes at least a week to evaluate what the real damage is with an MRI,” Cesarini explained.

“Generally speaking, with a relapse of this nature, a player cannot expect to be back on the pitch before at least two or three weeks.”