The current leader of Inter’s Curva Nord ultras group has been placed under special surveillance by a Milan court.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, who report that a court has placed prominent ultra Andrea Beretta under surveillance as he is deemed to be a threat to public safety in the wake of scandalous scenes during Inter’s Serie A win over Sampdoria.

Beretta has a history of being found guilty of criminal activities, some of which have related to his participation with the Curva Nord.

During the Nerazzurri’s Champions League clash with Liverpool at the San Siro in February, Beretta was found guilty of having assaulted a scalper outside the stadium.

Beretta was also questioned as a witness in the investigation of the murder of former Nord leader Vittoria Boiocchi.

Following Boiocchi’s death, Beretta has risen in importance in the Nord ultras group, and now he is under special surveillance.