Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann felt that the VAR check on the handball incident in his team’s Champions League match against Inter on Tuesday took too long.

Speaking in a press conference, as reported by FCInterNews, the German coach gave his thoughts on the incident and on VAR in general.

Inter felt hard done by to have not been given for the handball by Bayern forward Sadio Mane on a shot by Nicolo Barella in the first few minutes of the Champions League group stage match on Tuesday.

The referee determined that the incident was not worthy of a penalty on the basis that he felt that the 30-year-old was only raising his arms by reflex to protect his face from the shot.

However, the sense of frustration for the Nerazzurri was only worsened by the fact that the check took more than two minutes before the official made his decision.

For his part, Nagelsmann agrees that it took too long, with the coach stating that “I think watching an incident in a Champions League match for two and a half minutes before making a decision is too long.”

“You have to reduce the time, otherwise it breaks the rhythm of the match and creates agitation in the players.”

“In general, I think VAR is good because it makes the game more fair and takes the pressure off the referee,” he added.