The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has hit back at claims that the Milan City council has lost time during its deliberations on whether or not to allow Inter and AC Milan to build a new stadium.

This follows criticism from the newly appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Matteo Salvini, who argued that the Council of the City of Milan is losing time during the public debate regarding whether or not to allow the building of a new stadium.

Salvini also claimed that AC Milan and Inter could abandon the project altogether and go to Sesto San Giovanni to build the stadium there.

However, Sala has now hit back at these claims from Salvini as well as former AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi branding these outbursts as not being helpful to the cause of building a new stadium.

“All of these claims do not help the clubs. When the executive project will be defined it will go to the council. Some time will pass.

“Salvini stated yesterday that there is a risk that the clubs will move the project to Sesto San Giovanni because the council has wasted time. The council has not wasted one single day” Sala is quoted to have said according to Italian media outlet FcInterNews.

“We have spent two years on finding an agreement with the two clubs regarding volume. Then Berlusconi and  [undersecretary for Culture Vittorio] Sgarbi enter into the fray.

“The people of Milan and the fans of the two clubs know who has been against building a new stadium and who is working to build it” the mayor of the City of Milan concluded.