The CEO of Socios, Alexandre Dreyfus, has hit out at Inter’s main shirt sponsor DigitalBits, suggesting that they were never in a position to honour financial commitments.

In a response to a comment on LinkedIn about DigitalBits, as reported by, Dreyfus was deeply critical of the company and felt that Inter had made a mistake in agreeing a deal with them, with a termination between the two parties in the offing.

Inter have a partnership with Socios and fans had expressed concerns that their digital tokens would be affected by a break up between the club and DigitalBits, but Dreyfus moved to reassure them.

“First of all, DigitalBits has nothing to do with fan tokens, it is an empty shell company, which has signed deals they couldn’t afford with ZERO product,” he wrote.

“I already spoke out against them (and other companies) a few months ago.

“Fan tokens will always exist on the blockchain and therefore remain available. The only question to ask is who would take care of the utility if, for whatever reason, the club did not want to work with a company like Socios anymore?”

The Frenchman also suggested that Inter would be in a long-term relationship with Socios and that the two parties would be looking to establish their partnership further, having been one of the first football clubs to sign up to the digital token platform.

“That said, in the first quarter of next year clubs will be able to integrate the utility of the APIs/websites directly into the their apps and platforms.

“The clubs that started the initiative are committed for the long term and there is no reason for this not to happen,” he concluded.