Italian journalist Fabio Ravezzani feels that Inter coach Simone Inzaghi’s substitutions during the second half of the team’s Serie A loss to Juventus yesterday evening were all wrong.

Speaking to the YouTube channel of QSVS, as reported by FCInter1908, Ravezzani criticized the Nerazzurri coach who he argued lost his team the match with the changes that he made.

Inzaghi waited a bit longer than he usually does in matches to change up his team in the second half yesterday evening.

However, once the coach did decide to respond to the Nerazzurri going a goal down with some changes, he extensively changed not just the personnel but also the formation of the team on the pitch.

In the view of Ravezzani, the coach got it all wrong.

The journalist gave his analysis of the match, stating that “Inter collapsed once again because of Inzaghi, who made changes that killed Inter off completely.”

“In the heart of the second half, the Nerazzurri had clear territorial supremacy,” he noted, “they were just missing that one decisive moment.”

“At that moment , Inzaghi blatantly failed to make the right substitutions again.”

“Inexplicably, Correa took the place of Calhanoglu, who was the pivot of the midfield, and who had been having an excellent match.”

“With his exit, Inter found themselves in tactical chaos which Juventus were able to exploit.”

“Then, Inzaghi messed up again,” Ravezzani argued, “Darmian for Skriniar, and Bellanova for Dumfries.”

“The addition of Darmian was totally meaningless, given that in the closing stages they needed a player who could make the most of set pieces, such as Skriniar.”

“The defeat happened due to a number of factors, but it was the coach who decisively jammed up the engine,” Ravezzani argued.