Legendary former Inter, Roma, Real Madrid, and Sampdoria forward Antonio Cassano feels that at the moment the Nerazzurri look to be playing with a bit of a lack of balance to their game.

Speaking on Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel, as reported by FCInterNews, Cassano suggested that Roberto Gagliardini could well be a viable option to add more physicality and energy to the team’s midfield.

Inter have not exactly dropped off in terms of the quality of their overall game in a lot of recent matches, including their loss to Juventus over the weekend.

However, the sense is that throughout the season, and certainly in the second half against the Bianconeri, some gaps have appeared for which the Nerazzurri have been punished.

Cassano even backs Gagliardini to be a solution to this lack of balance in the centre of the pitch.

“The Nerazzurri are still conceding these goals on the counter when perhaps it would be better for them to commit a tactical foul,” he argued.

“There’s a lack of balance, especially in the middle, particularly with Brozovic out,” he continued, “at this point Simone Inzaghi has to be thinking about Gagliardini, who isn’t of the same quality as the players who are playing now, but who can break up the play.”