Former Inter defender Stephan Dalmat feels that right now the Nerazzurri have next to no hope of winning the Serie A title this season.

Speaking on his Instagram account, as reported by FCInterNews, the Frenchman expressed the hope that next season the Nerazzurri will have a new coach and new owners to lead them in a more positive direction.

Eleven points from league leaders Napoli is not an impossible gap for Inter to make up in 25 matches.

However, it is a deficit which means that the Nerazzurri will hope that the Partenopei stumble significantly during the remainder of the campaign, whilst Inter must be virtually perfect.

For his part, Dalmat does not hold out a great deal of hope based on what he has seen thus far.

Instead, the Frenchman feels that after this campaign is through, the best thing will be for the team to seek out a new path forward.

Dalmat does not back either President Steven Zhang or coach Simone Inzaghi based on what the team has shown during the current season.

“Today’s match against Bologna comes during a very difficult period,” he said.

“At the beginning of the season we had serious problems, then we recovered, but now a big setback has once again come against Juventus, which we have to recover from immediately.”

“Unfortunately, Inter have always lost the matches against direct rivals, except for against Fiorentina or Barcelona,” he added, “which is in a different competition anyway.”

Dalmat continued that “In the Champions League we face Porto, who will be very difficult, particularly when they play at home.”

“If this is the Inter that we see there, it won’t be easy.”

“Now I’m expecting six points before the break,” Dalmat said, “we need a change of mentality to put the Juve loss behind us and then start aiming for top four.”

“The title is now gone,” the Frenchman said, “and the Champions League has very strong competition, even if in football you can never say never.”

He argued that “Replacing Inzaghi right now would be useless.”

“But for next season I expect Zhang to sell the club and then a new coach to come in.”

Dalmat concluded that “Inter have tp return to having great players and allowing their fans to dream like they did years ago.”