Italian journalist Sandro Sabatini feels that Inter coach Simone Inzaghi is not proactive enough in situations where the team need something different.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, as reported by FCInter1908, Sabatini gave the view that the Nerazzurri’s substitutions are too formulaic and that he does not do enough to really intervene when the team are in trouble.

Inter have often struggled to see out games this season, or lost control during the second halves of matches.

This has been evident throughout the second periods of losses to Lazio, AC Milan, Udinese, Roma, and Juventus.

Inzaghi has not exactly been shy to make substitutions, but when he has they have often changed little about how his team have been playing on the pitch, even when a big lift has been needed.

Sabatini for one is critical of the coach’s approach, with the journalist stating that “When Inter are in trouble, Inzaghi seems to become a spectator.”

He continued of the coach that “When the team really need him, he only seems to make robotic, scholastic substitutions.”