Inter president Steven Zhang is considering refinancing the loan from Oaktree Capital Group in order to gain more time to sell the club, according to a report in the Italian print media.

As has been reported in today’s print edition of Turin based Tuttosport, the Nerazzurri are in a delicate situation when it comes to the future ownership of the club.

It is no secret that the club is essentially for sale, in the sense that there is a dossier in the hands of American banks Goldman Sachs and Raine Group.

If there was a bid of €1.2 billion, then Suning would be inclined to accept that and wash their hands of the club. Despite interest from the United States and the Middle East, no bid of that level has been forthcoming.

On May 20, 2024, Suning will have to pay the final instalment of the €292 million loan (including interest) it received in May 2021 from Oaktree Capital Group.

Zhang may refinance that loan and move the date of repayment further into the future to buy more time to assess the situation.