Inter Milan is a great place to start if you’re looking for a team with good soccer odds for the majority of games.

Throughout the years, Inter has been home to some of the greatest players ever to grace the pitch, and that includes strikers in a big way.

The strikers that Italy’s Serie A has seen are one of the main reasons it has been one of the best leagues for so many years. Here are 10 of the best strikers to have ever played for Inter Milan.

Giuseppe Meazza (1927 – 1947)

With the stadium named after him, it’s nearly impossible to argue that there are many players better than Giuseppe Meazza for Inter.

As a striker for Inter, he made a total of 408 appearances for the club from 1927 to 1940. His playing career came to an end in 1946-47 when he returned to the club to conclude his playing career.

Whether dribbling, passing, or scoring, Meazza’s game was elegant and creative, making him fun to watch and annoying to play against.

Arguably the most talented player to have played for Italy, with a career record of 284 goals scored for Inter. This record still stands nearly a century after his first game.

Benito Lorenzi (1947 – 1958) 

Inter’s back-to-back Scudettos in 1953 and 1954 were won by Benito Lorenzi, who scored 143 goals in 314 appearances.

Despite his mischievous offensive qualities, he was equally mischievous defensively. He is known to have placed a lemon thrown at him by an AC Milan fan under the ball before a Rossoneri penalty kick. In the end, Inter won the derby after the ball sailed into the stands.


Adriano won four consecutive Serie A titles and two Coppa Italias during his five-year career with Inter. His first three seasons with the club saw him score 59 goals.

He was less prolific in his last two years, but his talent and contribution should still not be questioned.

Christian Vieri

Christian Vieri, an Inter Milan goal-scorer, scored 123 goals in 190 matches before being injured. The Nerazzurri’s attack was engineered by him, and he was briefly the face of Inter.

He scored the most goals in the league in the 2002-2003 season. Only at Inter’s end did he manage to snag the Copa Italia after finishing runner-up twice to the Scudetto.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan is a well-known figure in today’s football world, and he has made a name for himself by leaving his mark on every team he has played for.

His time with Inter Milan was shorter than most, but from 2006 to 2009, Zlatan turned Inter into a force to be reckoned with.

In his first season, the prolific striker made a huge impact. Ibrahimovic led Inter in goals scored in the Serie A during his debut season, where he netted 15 goals.

He played an integral role in helping the club secure the Scudetto with a record-setting 97 points. He scored the winning goal in the 2008 Supercoppa Italiana by converting his penalty attempt, giving Inter a victory over Roma.


Although Ronaldo’s career with Inter Milan was not extensive, it played a pivotal role in shaping his legendary status. In 1997, the Brazilian striker was signed by Inter Milan for £25 million, which held the record at that time.

Ronaldo played for Inter Milan from 1998 to 1999, during which time he made a total of 99 appearances. In his first season with the club, Ronaldo scored 25 goals- a record number of goals by any player in their debut Serie A season.

He won the title of Serie A Player of the Decade when he played for Inter and earned the Ballon d’Or twice throughout his iconic career.

Samuel Eto’o

Dynamic dribbling technique, strength, and pace combined with exceptional dribbling technique allowed Samuel Eto’o to average more than one goal every two games at Inter Milan. The Cameroonian striker added to his trophy vault at Barcelona with his 53 caps to help his team win the historic Treble in 2010.

Alessandro Altobelli

Italian striker Alessandro Altobelli was often considered Inter’s complete striker, ranking second all-time with 192 goals. He has won two Coppa Italia titles and one Scudetto.

Roberto Boninsegna

In 167 games, Roberto Boninsegna scored a century of goals as an all-around forward for the Nerazzurri over seven seasons.

During his time at Inter, he won two domestic titles as well as one Coppa Italia title by finishing as the top scorer in Serie A for two consecutive seasons.

Diego Milito

Diego Milito played well over 100 games for Internazionale. He scored two goals in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich that completed the Treble, which also included a Serie A title and a Coppa Italia title.

Despite not being as prolific in the latter half of his career with the Nerazzurri, he still scored 75 goals before returning to Racing Club.