Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin feels that Inter striker Lautaro Martinez was unfortunate to have had a goal narrowly ruled out for an offside in yesterday’s loss by Argentina against Saudi Arabia at the World Cup.

Tweeting after the match, the journalist suggested that with the “semi-automated” offside checks, even the tiniest infractions can be punished, and that this meant that the margins were very fine indeed for the Nerazzurri striker.

Martinez and Argentina will have been bitterly disappointed to fall to a 2-1 defeat in their group stage opener at the World Cup.

The Albiceleste had two goals ruled out in the first half for offsides, and if the margins had been just a bit different then perhaps they could have had a more solid advantage going into the second half when Saudi Arabia dramatically turned things around.

For Biasin, this is representative of the kind of bad luck that teams and players can have with new technologies in football.

The ‘machine’ establishes whether it’s offside or not and perceives the shoulder by a tiny margin,” he tweeted.

“It seems pointless to me to try and question the sense of justice of the technology, Lautaro simply had very bad luck.”