Reggina head coach and legendary former AC Milan and Juventus striker Pippo Inzaghi feels that the criticism of his brother Simone as Inter coach has been exaggerated.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportItalia, via FCInterNews, the coach spoke highly of his brother’s coaching ability and suggested that there is too much impatience with coaches like him in Italian football as they grow and find their feet.

Simone Inzaghi has now been in charge of Inter for around a season and a half, having already spent six seasons in charge of Lazio.

Over the course of his coaching career, the 46-year-old has achieved a lot, and proved himself up to the task of managing a club like Inter on numerous occasions.

However, Inzaghi has been far from flawless, and when he has made mistakes particularly at Inter he has often come in for significant criticism in media.

In the view of the Inter coach’s brother, these criticisms have been overblown and lacked perspective.

“It’s a problem that Italian football has,” he said, “it’s a bit like with young players, there’s not patience.”

Inzaghi said of his brother that “He has a great head on his shoulders and knows that in this job there will always be criticism.”

“Simone isn’t flawless, and so they try to get him down at every opportunity because he’s a decent guy.”

“He’s not one to complain or bang his fists on the table,” Pippo added. “He’s proving to be a great, modern coach.”

“He’s one of the best in Europe and the players really love him.”