Inter goalkeeper Andre Onana has responded to the recent events that have seen him depart from Cameroon’s World Cup squad and temporarily suspended by the Cameroonian FA.

The 26-year-old Nerazzurri keeper released a statement on his official Twitter account where he defended himself as having always behaved professionally and aimed for the success of the team, and affirmed his continued support of his national teammates.

Onana left the Cameroonian national team’s squad yesterday after having been dropped from the lineup for the group stage match against Serbia.

Reports emerged that a heated tactical disagreement with coach Rigobert Song was behind the Nerazzurri keeper’s omission from the team.

Later in the day, the Inter keeper was temporarily suspended by the Cameroonian FA, as confirmed in a statement released on the FA’s social media accounts.

Onana has given his thoughts in response to the events of the past couple days.

He writes, “I want to express my affection for my country and the National Team.”

“Yesterday I was not allowed to be on the ground to help Cameroon, as I always do, to achieve the team’s goals.”

“I always behaved in a way to lead the team to success in a good manner.”

“I have put all my efforts into finding solutions to a situation that a footballer often experiences, but there has been no will on the other side.”

“Some moments are difficult to assimilate.”

“However, I always respect and support the decisions of the people in charge of pursuing success for our Team and Country.”

“I extend all my strength to my teammates because we demonstrated that we are capable of going far in this competition.”

“The values that I promote as a player and a person are the ones that identify me, and that my family has given me since my childhood.”

“Representing Cameroon has always been an honour and a privilege.”

“The Nation first and forever.”