Reggina head coach Filippo Inzaghi feels that the preparations that teams have made during the winter break could be a decisive factor in the Serie A title race.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInterNews, the coach gave his predictions for how the remainder of the Serie A title race could go.

Right now, Napoli look to have some real breathing room at the top of the Serie A table, whilst all of AC Milan, Juventus, Inter, Lazio, and Roma are fairly tightly-bunched behind them.

Apart from the Partenopei, all of the teams at the top end of the table have endured at least one or two real wobbles in form during the first part of the campaign.

The question of whether Napoli can continue their virtually flawless form will be crucial, as will the question of which if any of the teams behind them can improve on their existing form in order to capitalize on any stumbles by the league leaders.

For Inzaghi, this will very much be a factor of the preparations during the World Cup break.

“We’ll see who comes out of the break looking stronger, it’s been a long break for everyone to stop and prepare,” he said.

“It’s similar to the lockdown period, where some teams came out weaker, and some stronger.”

“In any event,” the Reggina coach added, “Napoli are still the favourites.”