The Curva Nord created their usual decibel level and showed the same support as ever in Inter’s Serie A win over Napoli yesterday despite some revamps to their setup.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who note that the atmosphere and noise at the San Siro was the same as ever.

After the controversy surrounding the Curva Nord ultras group in October when regular fans were forced out of their seats in the San Siro’s north stand, some changes have been undertaken by the group.

Gone are the subgroups represented under different banners and displays, and the Nord has resolved to show their support under a single united banner.

If this could have led to suggestions that the ultras in the north stand would not be as vociferous in their support as in the past, such predictions were not borne out in reality.

The stadium was noisy and raucous, pushing Inter on from the first whistle to the last, even without the various different banners of the past.