Inter view the error made by referee Juan Luca Sacchi in the second half of their Serie A draw against Monza on Saturday as being just as bad as the one that Marco Serra made in AC Milan’s loss to Spezia last season.

This according to today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews, who report that the Nerazzurri are hardly placated by the apologies from the referee, and feel that it is in the same calibre as the infamous mistake that affected their city rivals last season.

Inter and Milan can now both say that they have been on the wrong end of early whistles that “robbed” them of goals in matches.

Last season, the Rossoneri felt that they had scored a late winner when the ball broke to Ante Rebic who curled it into the net, but referee Serra had in fact blown the whistle for a foul on a Milan player moments earlier.

There is little doubt that the official should have waited a couple more seconds to see if Milan had gained an advantage before blowing his whistle, as they certainly did given that the ball had ended up in the back of the net.

However, the fact that the official had already blown his whistle meant that he had no choice but to not award the goal and restart play.

The Rossoneri were furious after that incident, as Inter now are after a similar whistle by Sacchi in their clash with Monza over the weekend.

Midway through the second half, Nerazzurri defender Francesco Acerbi looked to have found the back of the net from a header following a set piece.

However, the goal did not stand as Sacchi had already blown his whistle for what he believed to be a foul by an Inter player on a Monza one.

Replays quickly showed that the official had spotted in the incident wrong, as it had in fact been two Monza players getting in one another’s way.

However, as with the incident that happened to Milan last season, there was no way for Sacchi to undo the mistake, as his whistle had already blown before Acerbi’s goal and the ball was therefore not in goal.

Inter are furious with how Sacchi’s error has affected their season, and feel that it was every bit as significant a mistake as the one which came against their city rivals last campaign.