Inter have decided to sign young Swedish fullback as they believe that the 18-year-old has the right characteristics to develop into a top-level attacking wingback at the Serie A level.

This according to Italian news outlet, who report that the Nerazzurri observed the former Motala player’s athleticism and positional sense during his trial period with the Primavera team, and decided that he would be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Nezirevic had been on trial with Inter’s youth team during November and December, and the club decided to sign him based on what he saw.

According to the Gazzetta, the young Swede’s pace, both in terms of his speed, acceleration, and also stamina and ability to maintain high levels of running over long periods caused Inter to believe that he can function well in the wingback role.

Morevero, the Gazzetta reports, Inter feel that the 18-year-old already has a strong sense of positioning that is well-suited to the wingback role, as he is able to accurately judge when to make runs and movements to help the team up the pitch.