The Minister of Infrastructure in Italy believes that Inter and Milan must be allowed to build a new and modern stadium in the city of Milan soon.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazetta dello Sport in an interview published in yesterday’s print edition, via L’Interista, Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini gave the view that the people of Milan deserve an updated stadium compared to the existing San Siro.

The question of whether or not to tear down the San Siro in Milan and build a new stadium for Inter and AC Milan to play in has been a matter of real point of contention in the city as well as throughout Italy.

The clubs’ position has been clear in favour of modernizing their infrastructure by building a new stadium, whilst on the side of keeping the San Siro up there has been a coalition led by Vittorio Sgarbi which has opposed demolishing the stadium.

For his part, Salvini believes that the construction of a new and modern stadium is something that can no longer wait.

“Milan and Inter, fans, sportspeople, and clubs need a new, safe, modern, European, innovative, and green stadium,” the Infrstructure Minister said.

“After years of work, projects, meetings, and committees, it’s time to get started,” he continued.

Of the efforts led by Sgarbi and others to keep the stadium standing, Salvini said that “Sgarbi speaks in a personal capacity and has no chance of blocking a project that has been anticipated for many years.”

Salvini concluded that “As a Milanese, as a fan, and as a Minister, I say this: Forward, into the future!”