Serie A referee-designator Gianluca Rocchi feels that Inter coach Simone Inzaghi was not excessive in his criticisms of referee Juan Luca Sacchi over a major error in the Nerazzurri’s 2-2 draw with Monza over the weekend.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportItalia, via FCInterNews, Rocchi admitted that the Nerazzurri coach’s frustrations were perfectly understandable, and that he did not cross any lines in venting his irritation.

Inzaghi made no effort to hide his frustration after Inter’s match against Monza on Saturday.

The coach made the fact that the Nerazzurri had been deprived of what looked to be a valid third goal by an early and incorrect whistle by match official Sacchi a theme of his post-match remarks.

Whilst Inzaghi certainly came across as upset in his comments, he did not make things personal.

For his part, Rocchi appreciated the fact that Inzaghi kept things at a relatively civil pitch despite his very obvious frustration.

“He didn’t use any language that went overboard,” the referee-designator said of Inzaghi, “and I do completely understand his frustration.”