Inter ultras group the Curva Nord have given their explanation for why they will not show any disapproval towards defender Milan Skriniar’s decision to leave the club at the end of the season.

Writing in a fanzine article prior to this evening’s Serie A derby clash with AC Milan, via FCInterNews, the group made clear that the 27-year-old explained his reasons to them, and that they will respect his decision and continue to support the player until the end of the season.

It is now widely-known that Skriniar will leave Inter when his contract with the club runs out at the end of the current season.

The Slovakian former Sampdoria defender had been offered a contract extension by the club a few months ago, but the player has decided to decline the club’s offer.

As the Nord explain in their statement, the player has given them his side of the story, stating that he had started to take the decision to join PSG after a move to the French champions had looked on the cards during the summer transfer window.

The Nerazzurri ultras group have made clear that, from their perspective, it is a decision that must be respected.

“It was a decision that Skriniar clarified for us, and there will be no hard feelings from the Nord,” they write in their message.

“Even though Skriniar’s story with the club is now partly in the past, we would like to inform everyone that Milan reached out to clarify his reasons for deciding to change shirts at the end of the season with us, despite the love he has always had for Inter.”

“Skriniar explained to us that last summer the club informed him that he would be put up for sale, and despite what he wanted, he had to take action to find a new accommodation in sporting terms,” their statement continues.

“After finding that PSG were interested in signing him, and sure that Inter would have sold him in any event, he obtained an offer from them which, when Inter changed their mind about selling him, they were unable to equal.”

“Milan tried to meet Inter halfway by lowering his demands for a new deal, not able to totally ignore the offer from PSG but still ready to give up on the prospect of earning several million euros more in order to stay,” they explain, relating what the defender had told them.

“Although ultimately this is another instance in which the financial side of the game has caused a heartbreak for us as fans, we cannot hold it against a player who has given us so much over the years, and we invite all the fans to continue to show him respect and professionalism like he always demonstrated.”

“Having acknowledged that the whole Skriniar situation has been badly managed, to say the least, and hoping that it will at least be a lesson for the future of the club, we have decided to look ahead with Inter always in our hearts.”

“We will do so without any animosity towards a player who rightly shouldn’t wear the captain’s armband any longer, but he still deserves our respect for everything that he has always given on the pitch.”