Inter CEO Beppe Marotta is not yet sure whether or not striker Romelu Lukaku will stay at the club past the end of this season, although he knows that the player would like to.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, the CEO addressed the Belgian’s future, and also made clear that he still has faith in coach Simone Inzaghi although he expects more motivation and focus from the team.

Lukaku is still only at Inter on loan until the end of the current season.

Given that the Nerazzurri only agreed a one-season paid loan deal with the 29-year-old’s parent club Chelsea, they will have to make a decision on his future at the end of the season.

Moreover, it is not only up to Inter, or to Lukaku, as they will also have to find an agreement with the Blues on terms of a new deal if the striker is to return next season.

Asked if he expects the Belgian to stay, Marotta said that “Talking about it now would be premature.”

“In June, he’ll return to Chelsea and then it will be a new scenario before us, and we’ll see what we can do.”

“He wants to stay,” the CEO noted, “so definitely knowing what he wants, we’ll see if we’re able to go back to negotiations and negotiate a return here with us for next season.”

“The path we’ve been on the past couple years has been satisfactory, but the coach and the team must do more to solve the problem of inconsistency,” Marotta said.

“We, as a club, are always ready to support them, but it’s ultimately up to them to find a solution by talking and confronting one another over in training,” the executive continued.

Marotta noted that “We’ve done well in the cup competitions, but our most coveted goal is to win the Scudetto.”

“After yesterday’s defeat against Bologna, we’ll ask the coach to give the team even more focus and motivation so that we definitely don’t lose sight of our minimum objective for the season, which is qualification for the Champions League.”

“Our obligation is to do right by the fans,” Marotta emphasized.

“Simone Inzaghi is a top young coach, he has everything it takes to succeed and we’ve never lacked any faith in him,” the CEO made abundantly clear.

Of the remarks made by striker Lautaro Martinez after yesterday’s match, which saw the Argentine stress that the performance wasn’t good enough and that more work is needed, Marotta said that “We felt that he had the right attitude, and we appreciated what he said.”

“His words are proof that he has a sense of belonging, and that he feels deeply attached to the shirt,” he added.

“Now it’s up to the team to return to training, and then get themselves back on course.”

Marotta also addressed the situations of players whose contracts are set to expire at the club, noting that “At the moment there are a number players whose deals are expiring.”

“From a more emotional perspective, everyone should be rewarded with a new deal, but we have to make tough choices and we’re working to build a competitive team.”

“We have to thank the owners because, despite all the criticisms they’ve received, the club has never been lacking for anything from them,” he added.

Of a few recent incidents that have seen Inter players exchange word on the pitch during matches, Marotta said that “There’s total harmony and unity on the pitch, if there hadn’t been we would have taken different measures.”

“Everyone is rowing in the same direction,” he emphasized.