InterSpac President Carlo Cottarelli believes that his fan shareholding initiative can inject around €212 into the Nerazzurri through fan investment.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Libero in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInterNews, Cottarelli explained that this is the number that he believes that he can commit based on fan interest in his project, and compared his vision to the ownership model of Bayern Munich.

Cottarelli has been working for some time now to try and implement a fan shareholding project which would see individual supporters of the Nerazzurri put money into the club.

The idea behind this project has been to transition the ownership model of Inter to something similar to the “50+1” model that Bundesliga clubs are known for.

As of yet, the project has yet to get off the ground partly due to a lack of interest from Nerazzurri owners Suning, although Cottarelli continues to propose the idea.

“It’s not a takeover project where we aim to take control of Inter, but rather a fan shareholding plan that would allow fans to give their financial support to the club, as is the case with Bayern Munich,” Cottarelli said.

He noted that “Without a strong advertising campaign, we have raised interest from around 80,000 Inter fans, who have indicated their intention to invest €212 million.”

“Perhaps with a bigger advertising campaign we could double that amount,” he continued.

“But with a club like Inter, the value we’re talking about is around €1 billion, and so we’re looking for external partners.”

“That is, unless President Zhang changes his mind on the possibility of a collaboration between current ownership and popular shareholding,” Cottarelli noted.