Inter’s win against Lecce yesterday evening provided yet another piece of evidence that this Nerazzurri team do not tend to falter when the pressure is turned up to its highest.

This is the view in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews, who argue that Inter have a real knack for statement performances and results when they need them most.

If Inter have had a fault this season, it has been losing their concentration in “easy” matches, particularly in recent weeks.

Losses to Empoli and Bologna came in matches where few expected anything other than a win, whilst draws away to Monza and Sampdoria also followed big wins.

However, when the Nerazzurri have put themselves in a position of needing to send out a message with a big win, they have tended to deliver.

October’s Champions League win against Barcelona was perhaps the most dramatic example of this, whilst wins against Napoli and AC Milan since the return from the winter break have been other “crisis averted” moments.

Last weekend’s loss to Bologna was certainly the kind of match that made anything other than an immediate return to winning ways unacceptable for the following match.

Against Lecce, three points and a composed, dominant performance once again made Inter look like a team who thrive when the pressure is on.