Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin believes that it was a mistake by Inter coach Simone Inzaghi not to give midfielder Kristjan Asllani any time on the pitch during the team’s 2-0 Serie A win over Lecce on Sunday.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, via FCInter1908, the journalist suggested that there was little sense in putting Roberto Gagliardini on as a second half substitute instead of giving an opportunity to Asllani.

Asllani has not been handed a great deal of playing time since joining Inter from Atalanta during the summer transfer window.

Whilst it is clear that the 20-year-old Albanian international was signed as a player for the future rather than to immediately make an impact, there have been some suggestions that he is simply not playing enough to grow and improve.

From the perspective of Biasin, it is strange that Nerazzurri coach Simone Inzaghi did not take the chance to give Asllani some valuable playing time during the second half against Lecce.

Of the match, Biasin said that “I only have one comment to make – speaking strategically, giving Gagliardini the chance to play and not Asllani seems like an own goal.”

“The former is a player whose contract is expiring and who will leave at the end of the season, the latter is theoretically supposed to be the future of Inter.”

“The match was already virtually won,” he added, “so surely it would have just been common sense to throw on the youngster, if only because he’s a player with potential.”