Former Serie A referee Paolo Casarin feels that the correct decision was made in allowing Juventus’s goal against Inter yesterday evening despite the apparent handball in the buildup.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN, via FCInterNews, Casarin argued that the handball by Bianconeri midfielder Adrien Rabiot moments before Filip Kostic’s first-half goal was not intentional and so not enough grounds to disallow the goal.

What is not in contention is that Bianconeri midfielder Rabiot’s arm made contact with the ball in the buildup to Kostic’s goal yesterday evening.

However, under current regulations, it is not necessarily always the case that an attacking player handling the ball in buildup means that a goal must be disallowed.

In the view of former referee Casarin, the handball by the Frenchman was in fact not enough to rule Kostic’s goal out.

Casarin stresses the view that Rabiot’s handball looked accidental, and therefore that it was correct for the goal not to be disallowed.

“In midfield, the ball made contact with Rabiot’s arm, accidentally touching his body, then continuing towards Vlahovic, and finally reaching Kostic,” he outlined the situation.

“VAR checks for anything to rule the goal out for several minutes, and eventually finds nothing,” he added.

“In my opinion the kind of contact that Rabiot’s arm made on the ball should not be punished,” Casarin stated.