Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin feels that it is unlikely that coach Antonio Conte would make the return to Inter for any number of reasons.

Speaking on Italian broadcaster TeleLombardia, via FCInter1908, the journalist suggested that the 53-year-old coach simply wouldn’t be a good fit with the Nerazzurri’s financial situation, whilst he also noted that the coach could cause tension behind the scenes.

Confirmation of Conte’s exit from Tottenham Hotspur has meant that the rumour mill is now in full swing linking the former Nerazzurri, Juventus, Chelsea, and Italy coach with possible next destinations.

Perhaps the most prominent among these links has been with a return to Inter, where the 53-year-old won the Serie A title in 2021.

However, from Biasin’s perspective, there is little reason to expect that Conte would actually come back to Inter, and he detailed his reasons as to why.

“I don’t believe that Conte will return to Inter, for several reasons,” the journalist explained.

“At the moment, I don’t think Conte is thinking about his future on the bench,” he continued.

“He ended up with this rift with Tottenham, which was partly because he wanted to leave.

“There are many aspects that would have to be taken into account,” Biasin continued. “Conte earns a lot of money, and even if he were to halve his salary, it would still be a lot.”

The journalist then noted that “If he only wants €10 million spent in the transfer market, or €5 million, he couldn’t get that at Inter, they actually need a €40 million profit.”

“Moreover,” Biasin noted, “Marotta is well aware that whilst bringing Conte back could mean the return of success on a domestic level, it would also make life difficult in terms of the tension behind the scenes.”