Inter have released an official statement condemning the scandalous racist abuse that was directed at Nerazzurri striker Romelu Lukaku from Juventus fans in yesterday evening’s Coppa Italia match.

The club responded to the incident on their official site, in which they condemn in no uncertain terms the racist chants that were clearly recorded, and give their full support to the 29-year-old Belgian international.

Yesterday evening’s Coppa Italia semifinal first leg between Inter and Juventus was marred by a chaotic ending which saw both sets of players involved in a massive brawl.

At the heart of it all was an incident which saw Inter striker Lukaku sent off for receiving a second yellow due to his celebration after scoring a penalty to equalize late on for the Nerazzurri.

However, during the incident, racist “monkey” chants and other inflammatory racist language was heard being shouted from some Juventus fans, something which was recorded on video.

This has become a real scandal around the match, as Italian football once again is forced to confront the problem of racism being aimed at players of colour from fans in the stands.

During his post-match remarks, Inter coach Simone Inzaghi suggested that he hopes that Lukaku’s second yellow can be formally rescinded amid the scandal that surrounds it.

Furthermore, the club has fully backed the Belgian striker, making very clear that the kind of treatment that he received yesterday evening at the Allianz Stadium never belongs in football.

The club’s statement reads:

“We are brothers and sisters of the world.”

“Since 9 March 1908 this has been our story.”

“We want to firmly reiterate that we stand united against racism and all forms of discrimination.”

“Football and sport must not only be a place for emotion but also for clear and shared values, and what we saw last night in the final minutes of the Juventus vs. Inter Coppa Italia semi-final in Turin has no place in our sport.”

“This is why we reiterate our support, affection and solidarity to Romelu Lukaku, just as the world of football is doing from all over since the incident.”

“Stay strong Rom, we stand with you!”