Roc Nation Sports International has published an open letter imploring Italian football to “do better” following the racist treatment received by Inter striker Romelu Lukaku from some Juventus supporters in Tuesday’s Coppa Italia match.

Published in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, the organization demands that “Enough is enough” following the scandal of racist chants aimed at the 29-year-old Belgian international by some Bianconeri fans.

There is video recording of the disgraceful racist chants aimed at Nerazzurri striker Lukaku, whilst reports have emerged detailing the circumstances.

The fact that the Belgian was sent off amid the circumstances has been a source of controversy, whilst an official report by FIGC (Italian FA) investigators has revealed that the racist chants had been aimed at the Inter striker long before his late penalty, celebration, and subsequent sending-off.

This scandal has once again put the problem of racism in Italian football under the microscope, with an official response promised.

The player concerned has also hit out after the incident, with a message expressing the hope that there can be real change this time, considering that this is not the first time that he has been on the end of racist abuse.

Roc Nation has written an open letter as well:


“Dear Italy, do better, want better, be better.”

“In professional football, black players have often been the subject of racist abuse during matches.”

“Hatred has been shown in the form of boos, monkey chants, racist slurs, and banana peels being thrown, even at some of the best players in world football.”

“All of this has happened in front of the eyes of the world, of children, and of the families of the players watching.”

“No one has faced consequences for this atrocious behaviour, and nothing has changed over the years.”

“No action has been taken to stamp this scourge out of the game.”

“So in the end, the only people who have actually been punished have been the players themselves who have reacted to these behaviours during matches.”


“Hate = racism – ignorance.”

“In a game that unites people all around the world, only the best of humanity should be on show.”

“There’s no room for racism, it cannot be tolerated, Italy is better than this.”

“We’re all better than this.”

“We therefore call for the entire worldwide sporting community – players, owners, clubs, artists, brands, fans – to report all racist incidents and raise the awareness of the racists responsible to a higher, more civilized level.”

“A more respectful and compassionate standard.”

“The most important team is the human team.”

“Let’s work together to cut racism out of our game, and consign it to the bench forever.”

“Signed, Roc Nation.”