Inter coach Simone Inzaghi feels that the team’s biggest problem at the moment in Serie A is that the key moments are all going against his team.

Speaking to InterTV after the team’s 0-1 Serie A loss to Monza, via FCInterNews, the 47-year-old reacted to yet another damaging setback, blaming the fact that nothing seems to be favouring the Nerazzurri in league matches at the moment.

In a match where only three points would have really given Inter a boost in the race for the top four in the Serie A table, Inzaghi’s men could not even take one against newly-promoted Monza.

In the first half, it looked as though the Nerazzurri were the team who had what it took to go on and win the match, but as things drew out they seemed to struggle more and more.

From the perspective of the coach, the biggest issue was not having the key moments give his team a boost.

“In the first half, the team played a good match, with the only drawback being that they didn’t score,” Inzaghi argued.

“It also felt like there were some nerves over the fact the win just doesn’t want to come,” he added.

“Monza defended quite deep this evening, but we created situations that we had to do better to take advantage over, the result proves that.”

“It was a carbon copy of the match in Salerno, and the one against Fiorentina, right now the individual episodes aren’t going out way,” the coach rued.

“We have to do even more because right now what we’re doing in the league isn’t enough.”

Asked if he thinks that part of the problem is that the team are being affected by playing in three different competitions, Inzaghi replied that “We’ve seen how other top teams are also suffering from having all these matches close together.”

“Clearly these are very demanding matches, but we’re still right there, we’re doing our best to honour all of our commitments, but we have to understand why we’re unable to win matches that we deserve to in the league,” the coach added.

Of the need to immediately recover for Tuesday’s Champions League second leg against Benfica, Inzaghi said that “We have a difficult and demanding match that we have to play at our best against an excellent side.”

“We’ll need to play a great match to reach the semifinals,” he added.