Juventus coach Max Allegri is reported to have had an angry meltdown aimed at Inter directors in the dressing rooms of the San Siro in the aftermath of yesterday evening’s Coppa Italia semfinal second leg loss.

This according to Italian news outlet Gazzetta.it, who report that the 55-year-old raged at Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and Assistant Sporting Director Dario Baccin after the match, angrily declaring that “You’re sh*t and you’ll end up finishing sixth.”

After yesterday evening’s match, Allegri had cut a somewhat disconsolate figure in his remarks to the media, but not a particularly angry one.

The Bianconeri coach ruefully admitted that his team had not done enough on the night in his obligatory media duties before heading down the tunnel.

However, according to the Gazzetta, it was once Allegri was down the tunnel and in the dressing rooms that the coach suddenly lost his temper.

First, the reports states, the 55-year-old encountered Inter executives Marotta and Baccin.

Allegri and Marotta worked together for several years together at Juventus in the past, and have always been known to enjoy a friendly relationship, whilst with Baccin there was some tension after the Assistant Sporting Director attempted to storm onto the pitch in the aftermath of Romelu Lukaku being sent off in the semifinal first leg.

In any event, something evidently set the Juventus coach off, as he is reported to have aimed some harsh invective at the directors of the team which had just eliminated his own from the Coppa Italia to reach the final of the competition.

“You’re sh*t and you’ll end up finishing sixth,” is how the Gazzetta relate Allegri’s words to the two Inter directors present.

Then, the newspaper reports that the 55-year-old continued to vent his anger as he entered the Juventus dressing room, castigating his players for what had been a subpar performance to fall to a 0-1 defeat in the derby d’Italia.

Furthermore, Allegri had evidently taken things personally as far as the rivalry with the Nerazzurri goes, as he is reported to have then told his players “We have to finish ahead of them [in the league], we can’t let them reach the Champions League.”

Evidently despite not immediately showing his emotions in response to what had been a tame and controversy-free match by the standards of the fixture right away, the loss had cut deep for Allegri.

The Gazzetta notes that the coach had also made no effort to hide his frustration with some barbs aimed at Napoli in the Bianconeri’s recent 0-1 home defeat at the hands of the presumptive Serie A champions.

It will remain to be seen whether any of Allegri’s outburst in the dressing rooms ends up in the referee’s report for yesterday evening’s match, where it could potentially be subject to some sanctions.