Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla feels that there’s a double standard between how the media judges Simone Inzaghi and Stefano Pioli.

Speaking on Italian broadcaster SportItalia, via FCInter1908, Pedulla contrasted the media’s treatment of the Inter and AC Milan coaches respectively.

Both Inzaghi and Pioli have had fairly up-and-down seasons with their respective clubs.

For the Inter coach, there have been periods of genuine crisis. However, now the team is on track to reach the Champions League final.

Meanwhile, for the Rossoneri it has been an underwhelming Serie A title defense. Particularly in the months of January and February, Pioli’s team looked lost.

When Inter have endured their worst runs of results, it has been Inzaghi who has borne the brunt of criticism.

With Milan, things have been a bit different. Compared to his Inter counterpart, Pioli’s job has never really looked under serious threat.

In the view of Pedulla, this has constituted a double standard, and is unfair to the Nerazzurri coach.

Simone Inzaghi “Massacred” By Media While Stefano Pioli Gets An Easy Ride?

Pedulla argued that “Inzaghi has been massacred by the media, while Pioli has always been protected.”

“It’s like the fault for rotating the team were never his, but always someone else’s fault,” he said of the Rossoneri coach.

“For me, the criticisms of Inzaghi have been too uncharitable,” Pedulla said. “He’s brought the team a trophy, he could still bring them a second one.”

“They’re also in a strong position to qualify for the Champions League next season,” the journalist noted. “And this time around they have one foot and a quarter in the final.”

Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has backed Inzaghi recently.

The Nerazzurri executive responded to speculation about the 47-year-old’s future by suggesting that he sees him staying next season.