Former Inter Milan CEO Ernesto Paolillo feels that Suning will have to sell the Nerazzurri despite reaching the UCL final.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster TMW Radio, via FCInterNews, the former CEO predicted that Inter’s debt problems still make a sale inevitable, but that reaching European club football’s biggest match can allow Suning to sell on more favourable terms.

Suning have been persistently linked with a sale of Inter over the past couple years.

The club’s financial issues, and those of Suning themselves, have been the main reason why. Debt, in particular, has been proposed as a factor that could force a sale.

The massive loan taken on from US-based fund Oaktree Capital is still looming over the current Inter owners.

Were Suning to sell Inter, Bahrain-based fund Investcorp and current Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani have been linked with an interest in taking over.

However, the fact that Inter are in the Champions League final could change all that. The financial impact of reaching the final in Istanbul is huge.

Paolillo: Inter Milan Owners Suning Still Have To Sell Despite UCL Final

Former Nerazzurri CEO Paolillo doesn’t think so, though.

“This scenario hasn’t changed for me,” he argued. “But the chances of selling Inter in more favourable conditions have increased.”

The former CEO made clear that “The existing debt remains, and interest rates are very high. The need [for Suning] to sell the Nerazzurri remains.”

Paolillo noted that reaching the Champions League final is “Massive, also considering the extra revenue taken in from the San Siro.”

“New sponsors are also more attracted after results like this,” he noted.

Paolillo then gave his thoughts on the achievement of Inter reaching the final against Man City despite spending far less than the Premier League giants.

“Great credit for to Marotta for this result, for me,” he argued. “He’s found the right balance by selling top players but always replacing them well.”

“He built a team that’s gotten to the final,” he noted.

“Credit to Inzaghi and the players as well, sure,” Paolillo added. “But enormous credit to Marotta.”